Special Occasions

Plenty of special occasions to be with your family! Print, cut out, stick and have fun no matter what your age is!

It's carnival time!

It's Carnival time. Want to host an event in costume with your kids and their friends? Then download, print and cut out our masks, invitations and decorations!

Happy Father's Day

Help your kids to celebrate Father's Day! All you Moms out there print out our bookmarks, coin bowls, or heart-warming cards and help your kids share their love with their Dad on Father's Day!

School's out

Do you want to organize a "Graduation Event" for your kids? Then download these invitations, diplomas for their classmates…and customizable colored hats! Happy End of the School Year!

Vacation time...

School's out and it's summertime…and that means it's time for games and good fun. Print and enjoy assembling these little theaters backdrops with your children; the choice is yours between a sea or mountain scene! Enjoy your summer! 

Happy mother's day!

Mother's Day is near. So, with Dad's help, celebrate it by creating a wonderful Mother's Day card, a nice hairpin, a jewelry box or a picture frame for a family photo. A great, creative way to celebrate your love and affection together

Ramadan Kareem!

Here are some easy and fun ways to engage with your kids during the holey month of Ramadan

Leisure Games

Original and funny ideas, to be put into practice on the spot, that will allow you to spend quality time with your kids by playing joyfully with your family or with your friends !

Treasure in the box

A remedy for dull days, an illuminating idea for kids : a few questions and a treasure to find!

Discover the mistery character

An entertaining game aimed at capturing your child's imagination: dress up and mime their favorite characters.

Multi-hand drawing

Encourage your kids to draw with their friends!


Who roared?

Parents make… an animal noise and kids guess what it is!

Mime the mind reader

Miming and Noun Game: set your imagination free!!

The careful watcher

A world in front of your eyes: stimulate your kids to observe while practicing basic grammar skills!

Tell your story

A chance to set your imagination free, encourage your kids and enjoy the art of storytelling.

Guess the color

Entertain your children and stimulate their detection skills by helping them become good observers!

The Spirit of the Tic Toc Count

A fun and lively game that will spur your kids' enthusiasm and entertain them a lot!

The little fish escapes

A music game aimed at training your children's agility; they will have to splash…like fishes do!

Find the element in common

What do a whale, a crab and a seashell have in common? The sea, of course! But, it's not always this easy to guess: test your kids!

Guess the job

A fun chance to practice your memory as well as explore your childs' future ambitions!

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