Multi Hand Drawing

Multi Hand Drawing

Imagination is the first ingredient of this game as it gets your child and friends involved in creating a drawing together.  Have the kids sit on the floor in a circle and place a blank sheet of paper, some felt-tips pens and loads of pencils in front of them …Then, just let creativity rule !

The goal is to draw a picture in stages. For example, start by asking one child to draw the head of an invented/imaginary character on the top of the sheet and then stop. Fold the paper over thus covering the drawing so that the others cannot see it. Pass it on to the next child to continue.

This way, in turns, each kid will draw the different parts of the body of a character invented on the spot. Using their own creativity and without knowing what the previous kid drew. Once they have completed their picture, it will be a really funny surprise to unroll the paper and see the result!


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