For over 40 years, has been creating products with guaranteed quality and unmistakable tastiness, designed with kids in mind. In the Middle East, Kinder has been present since the early 1970s.

Kinder's Story in the World

Today A well-respected and loved global brand.

Today, the Kinder brand is well-known all across Europe and is expanding rapidly around the world, recognized for the variety, quality and creativity of its products. Built on 40 years of history, Kinder remains a forward-looking brand, confident that its core values are not limited by time or geography. Our mission is to support parents in accompanying their children's development by enhancing the happy moments in their lives.

2001 Kinder Joy: the surprises never end.

There is no reason why warm weather should get in the way of enjoying the delights of Kinder, especially when there is an exciting surprise inside. That's why Ferrero launched Kinder Joy, a unique snack: a milky cream and a cocoa cream with two crispy wafer balls – and a great toy in each egg.

1990 Kinder Bueno, the crunchy wafer with a creamy heart.

Growing up in the 90's, kids' consumption habits began to change. Michele Ferrero responded by creating an innovative new product, Kinder Bueno: a tasty snack, designed primarily for teens. .

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1968 The Kinder revolution: more milk, less cocoa.

By the late 60's, mothers were more attentive to nutrition and kids became pickier about what they liked to eat. Michele Ferrero, the creator of the Kinder brand, took these two factors to heart and came up with a balance between the two – the Kinder Chocolate bar created with kids in mind because it is divided into small individually wrapped portions, allowing mothers to feel comfortable with what they are giving their children.

The events described in this timeline refer to the global history of Kinder.